Our Vision

In a caring environment, we inspire kids and preserve their unique characteristics. Through applying challenging and innovative learning materials in our teaching, we help them achieve outstanding academic performance and grow into a qualified citizen of the world.

About Us

T.T.DayCare (T.T.D) is a highly innovative international daycare center. From developed countries in Europe and America, we introduced the very mature “Daycare” business model and academic research on early childhood education into China. In this way, we provide early childhood education opportunities for families with a global vision to keep their children up with the world.

Characteristics of our Curriculums

We provide original international-standard teaching materials that cover children’s education in all age ranges, from birth to international elementary school. Every kid’s individual development goals shall be achieved during daily study plans, entertainment activities and outdoor sports.
Our meticulously designed advanced preschool courses well combine study and recreation. In each field, we create exploration and challenging sessions for kids to fully experience the fun of early childhood education and benefit from the scientific and precise nature of educational contents. Everyday during the free activity time, we make sure children go through all the necessary teaching activities, such as a walk in the nature and time in the “Exploration Lab” and “Hanging Garden”. We teach in both Chinese and English at daily classes, and conduct specific language trainings in the “World Picture Book Gallery”. By exposing children to different language, we help children to unveil the fascination of the world and step by step build their confidence in learning.
At the beginning of every month, we organize “Open Day” for parents who’d love to accompany their kids in the classroom. In this way, we assist parents in guiding children to adapt smoothly from family to school. Also, we work to create an active and meanwhile peaceful atmosphere. With systematic basic-level courses and specially-tailored curriculums, we are dedicated into helping kids make all-round achievements in their intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.

Characteristics of the Class

T.T.DayCare (T.T.D) concentrates on creating a study and living environment that’s full of fun and suitable for kids’ all-round development, promoting healthy growth of every individual. ◎Small and intimate class with 9-18 kids
◎Systematic courses 5 days a week, along with diverse extra-curricular activities
◎A safe, professional, healthy and environmentally-friendly teaching and living environment.
◎Facilities such as the “Exploration Lab”, “Hanging Garden”, “World Picture Book Gallery” and “Global Food Station” set at the Daycare center.
◎Full-time foreign playmates and child healthcare experts.
◎Basic preschool courses, including Math, Language, Science and Social Cognition
◎Unique preschool courses, including Art, Music, Picture Book Reading, Sports and Cooking.
◎Qualified faculties, as well as professional teachers on subjects like Art and Music.

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