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As enlightenment for preschool children, home education lays foundation for kids to understand human beings and the world, and establish their own moral standards. goes for a scientific combination of home education and school education, creating science-based home-like education experiences with visible outcome. Home education, as a major part of general education, functions as the cornerstone of school and social education. It starts at a child’s birth (or even the fetus period) and lasts for a lifetime. Therefore, the early childhood education starts when people’s lives start. It plays a ground-breaking role for children’s whole life. We hope to provide kids with rich spiritual soil while they are still diamond in the rough, and lay the firmest foundation for their life-long development.

Communication Between School and Parents

The two-way communication between school and parents plays a significant role in children’s study and growth in kindergartens. We hope to keep close and multi-dimensional contact with you.

Communication Opportunities on Campus

We would regularly present to you your kids’ study performance and living condition in our kindergarten in various forms, such as teacher-parent meetings, school activities, our official accounts and Wechat Moments.

Parent-teacher Conference

We would arrange teacher-parent meetings twice a year, through which our teachers will share with you your kids’ academic development.

School Activities

Every term, T.T.School would hold and invite parents to a variety of activities, such as extra-curricular activities, festivals, celebrations and parenting lectures.

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Parents’ Voice

My eldest son, Ma Yuechen is a 3-year-old kid currently studying at T.T.School. At first, his father and I took a number of kindergartens into consideration. Then we decided to put security guarantee and close distance as a priority, meanwhile considering which kind of education modes were suitable for our kid due to his lack of sense of security. It happened that T.T.School was opened at that time. So, we took a shot and attended two activities. We were attracted by the campus environment and teachers’ attitude the first time we went there, and later signed up for the experience class. After first two days’ fierce resistance and expected howling, our kid, accompanied by his little brother, gradually overcame the difficulty with us parents in his sight. In the following days, he achieved rapid growth under the joint help from teachers and us!

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