About Us

Message from the Founder

“Take off for the first time” Ever since we made this serious decision of stepping into early
childhood education industry, T.T.School has pulled through ups and
downs, experienced a number of its “firsts” and evolved from an
infant to a lively child. Today, we greet the whole world and set on
our first run.

It might be surprising at first sight that Dowell Group, with the “hard”
real estate as its core business, would suddenly start such a lively
and adorable preschool education sector. However, we ourselves, being
a member of Dowell, see it as a must. Dowell’s focus on education
and care for children and community are deeply rooted and long-standing. Moreover, our brand, T.T.School, originates from Dowell’s “Club Community” plan for communities, families and kids. Early childhood education, therefore, is a natural extension of Dowell’s soft power.

People are the roots of everything. “It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to rear people.” It’s the same with developing an industry, which people in our fields all agree would also take approximately ten years. Not to mention cultivating a person. It takes one’s lifetime. The core business of T.T.School is kindergartens oriented towards 3-6-year-old kids. Meanwhile, we are also exploring the daycare market towards the 0-3-year-olds. The ability of self-cultivation determines how kids grow up. Therefore,we hope to provide them with rich spiritual soil while they are still diamond in the rough, and lay the firmest foundation for their life-long development.

Here, we apply different teaching methods and instruments tailored for kids at different age ranges during their different stages at T.T.School. However, our goal runs through all the phases, which is to provide “three amulets” for our children:
Healthiness: Knowing how to take care of their own body and developing healthy lifestyles and behavioral habits.
Respect:Having respect for others as well as himself or herself. Remaining humble to the unknown and good at getting along with himself or herself and the real world. Seeking win-win outcomes.
Curiosity:Children’s curiosity is the driving force for their development. Kids with this quality explore their own way of learning through constant self-corrections, aiming for a life with breadth and depth.

With these three amulets, we believe he or she would have a peaceful life with spiritual richness, no matter how many ups and downs awaits.
Viewing these three key qualities as a must for our little graduates, how are we going to achieve this goal within three years? Our answer is one word only—playing! As the saying goes, “Interest is the best teacher.” We made our own version here in T.T.School, that is “Fun is the best teacher.”

Whether it’s cultivating the three key qualities or teaching them knowledge and skills necessary for future primary school education, we will make the whole experience full of fun. However, we not only encourage kids to play hard, but also our R&D team take the mission to encourage parents to join us, keen on and good at playing with their kids. By this means, we hope to enable children to learn through play with the accompany of their parents before they grow independent. Besides, whether it’s for the kids or parents, the real goal of this method is to put what they’ve learnt into practice, discover the real world and deal with pragmatic problems.

A small start T.T.School might be, I hope it’s a vital start for all our little graduates. I also hope that after decades, groups and groups of bright and knowledgeable young people can proudly retell their very beginning at T.T.School. Also, I hope you, as their parents, can start with us here, keeping them accompany for the journey in following dozen years.

Luo Shaoying
Board chairman